Oconee Regional Medical Center

Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee

The Ethics Committee at Oconee Regional Medical Center offers confidential consultations to patients and their families on matters which may involve ethical concerns such as end of life care, consent for medical interventions when the patient is unable to participate in the discussion, or decisions to discontinue treatment.

Whenever there are instances in which the Ethics Committee’s guidance is needed, including but not limited to issues involving “Do Not Resuscitate” measures or withdrawal of life support issues in the hospital, a panel composed of the patient’s attending physician, the Director of Nursing, the nurse manager of the patient’s unit, the Chairman of the Ethics Committee, a senior member of the hospital’s volunteer Chaplains, and Risk Manager will be contacted. In instances where any of these members are not available, they may send their designee. If necessary, the President of the Medical Staff, the Administrator or Administrator on call, or another appropriate hospital or community representative may be invited.

The goal of the Committee is to facilitate communication among patients, their families and the treatment team to assist everyone in making appropriate choices when difficult decisions need to be made. The committee is not a decision-making body, but serves in an advisory capacity to assist and provide support to those who have decision-making responsibility.

Referrals to the Ethics Committee

Referrals or requests for consultation with the Ethics Committee may be made by patients, family members, physicians, nurses or other hospital health care personnel.

Patients and/or family members may request a meeting through any member of the healthcare team. Referrals or requests for consultation with the Committee will be forwarded directly to Administration, and a preliminary assessment of the situation will be made through consultation with other members of the Committee as is necessary and appropriate. If needed, a meeting will be scheduled in a timely manner.